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WORxK Solutions empowers individuals and organizations in the social impact sector, specializing in:



Non Profits

Faith-based Organizations

What We Do  

We provide personalized career and mindset development coaching, organizational resiliency workshops,  support  for youth STEM/Health Science  career exploration initiatives, and hosting events to highlight the social impact sector.  We combine our five-fold WORxK Coaching Framework (Work Towards Goals, Open Communication, Resilience Building, eXcellence in Performance, Keep Growing) with our signature REBT DEIA Framework to maximize positive impact through emotional resilience, diverse perspectives, and inclusive practices. Our combined approach fosters emotional resilience, challenging irrational beliefs, promoting diversity and inclusion, addressing equity issues, and ensuring accessibility for all to maximize growth and success.  We equip individuals and organizations in the social impact sector with the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Our Solutions

  • Signature Programs and Workshops

  • ​Organizational Resiliency OD Workshops

  • Career and Resiliency Coaching

  • Career Branding for Social Impact

  • Youth Health Science Career Exploration

  • Health Education Advocacy and Workshops

  • WORxK Academy (Free Courses)

Partner with us to maximize your positive impact, foster resilience, and create lasting change in the communities you serve. Together, let's build a brighter future for all.