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WORxK Solutions, LLC

Welcome to WORxK Solutions, where we are the trusted prescription for transformative growth in the social impact sector. Our mission is clear: to unlock the full potential of individuals and organizations through specialized career and mindset coaching, organizational resiliency support, youth exposure educational content, and organizing social impact events utilizing our signature DEI framework.  We support the following types of career professionals and organizations:  healthcare, education, social services, nonprofits, and religious organizations. 



We provide career & mindset coaching that is specifically designed to assist social impact professionals in overcoming self-imposed barriers. We apply positive psychology and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), guided by our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) framework. Our approach is custom-tailored to align personal growth with the principles of diversity and inclusion. We enhance organizational dynamics with our workshops which integrate innovative thinking and continuous learning. With regards to youth development, we emphasize resilience and lifelong learning via health science career programs. Join us for a holistic journey where diversity, equity, and inclusion shape impactful careers, inclusive workplaces, and a future-ready generation.


As your dedicated ally, we understand the symptoms of stagnant careers and uninspiring organizational cultures. Whether you're a social impact professional seeking revitalization or a company aspiring to cultivate an impactful culture, WORxK Solutions is here to provide the remedy.

Our Coaching Model


WORxK Solutions: Your trusted partner for social impact coaching and workshops. Unlock potential with personalized career coaching and dynamic organizational development sessions rooted in our signature DEI framework that incorporates Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) principles. Thrive in the social impact sector with our transformative solutions.

At CareerCoachRx, we provide specialized career coaching and career branding services rooted in REBT and positive psychology. Unravel self-limiting beliefs, set strategic goals, and enhance your professional image for lasting career success.

KidWORxKs, under WORxK Solutions, fosters diversity in health science careers for children. Our products, programs, and services inspire and empower young minds through exploration, guidance, and development, shaping informed decisions for their future careers.

WORxK Academy is our educational arm, offering a variety of online courses and resources to support individuals seeking continuous learning and professional growth. With a range of subjects and expert instructors, our academy provides a flexible and accessible learning experience for lifelong learners.

WORxK Solutions REBT DEI Framework

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Meet Dr. Kristy Taylor, D.H.Sc.

Dr. Kristy Taylor, Certified Professional Career and ICF-accredited Executive Coach, leverages 20+ years of expertise in health science and higher education. Founder of WORxK Solutions and CareerCoachRx, she empowers clients through 1:1 coaching, career branding, and impactful workshops. Specializing in stress prevention, DEI, and leadership, she collaborates with non-profits, healthcare, education, and religious organizations in the social impact sector. A subject matter expert and author, Dr. Taylor's recent recognitions include Harvard University's Women in Educational Leadership 2020 Cohort and the 2022 Higher Education Leadership Fellowship program. Committed to shaping the future of career development, she holds certifications as a Certified HR Organizational Development Practitioner and an Agile Project Manager. Active in professional associations, Dr. Taylor envisions unlocking each individual's highest potential.

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