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Welcome to the SAAFE Space!

Welcome to The SAAFE Space AKA the Strategic Alliance of African American Female Entrepreneurs and Professional, a dynamic social group for Black women in the DMV area who are looking to connect, grow, and thrive.  From fun activities to networking events and brainstorming sessions, we offer a supportive and empowering community for Black women. Whether you're a work from home mother, small business owner, or simply looking to expand your network, join us to exchange ideas, support one another's businesses, and create sacred spaces for growth and development. Let's build a strong network and sisterhood of Black women making moves in the DMV.

Mission:  To empower and uplift Black women in the DMV area and nationally, fostering a strong network of connections, growth, and success.

Vision:  The SAAFE Space cultivates a dynamic community for African American female entrepreneurs and professionals in the DMV and nationally, providing opportunities for networking, support, and personal development.

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Would you like to present to our SAAFE?

All workshops hosted by SAAFE are provided free of charge, with the exception of those offered directly by WORxK Solutions. To present to this group, you must be a member of the SAAFE Space community.  Workshops can take various formats, such as masterclasses, facilitated discussions, etc., with promotional information permitted at the conclusion. However, please note that multi-level marketing or similar promotional events are not permitted on this platform. We encourage models akin to TED Talks, masterclasses, and facilitated discussions, which contribute to enhancing your professional portfolio. 


Attendees are encouraged to provide feedback to presenters, both to aid in improving presentations and to promote them within their own networks.  Depending on relevance to our mission, WORxK Solutions may assist in promoting the event beyond the SAAFE Space by sharing it on our social media channels and through email blasts. We aim to host approximately 12-15 workshops annually and welcome submissions of interest.  

Please submit a form if you're interested in presenting. We look forward to cultivating a vibrant space where individuals can expand their portfolios and engage in mutual learning.

Thanks for submitting!

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