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Career Mindset Accountability | Check-in

Check-in Session for Returning Clients

  • 35 hr
  • 55 US dollars
  • Virtual/Online Session

Service Description

Service Description: 35-Minute Check-In Session for Returning Clients Are you a returning client of Dr. Kristy K. Taylor's Career Coaching services? Do you want to maintain your momentum, receive ongoing support, and stay accountable on your career journey? During these check-in sessions, Dr. Taylor will work closely with you to understand your current career status, goals, and any new developments since your previous coaching sessions. Whether you have achieved significant milestones or encountered obstacles along the way, these sessions serve as a valuable opportunity to receive targeted support and guidance from a seasoned professional. Here's what you can expect from the 35-Minute Check-In Session: Progress Assessment: Dr. Taylor will start by evaluating your progress since your last coaching session. This will involve discussing the goals you set, the actions you have taken, and the outcomes you have achieved. By reviewing your progress, Dr. Taylor can celebrate your successes and identify any areas that may require additional attention. Addressing Challenges: If you have encountered any challenges or obstacles on your career journey, this check-in session provides an opportunity to discuss them openly with Dr. Taylor. Revisiting Goals: Dr. Taylor will help you revisit your career goals and assess if any adjustments or refinements are needed. By aligning your goals with your evolving aspirations and circumstances, you can ensure that your coaching sessions remain focused and relevant to your current career trajectory. Accountability and Motivation: These check-in sessions are designed to keep you accountable and motivated in pursuing your career goals. Dr. Taylor will provide support and encouragement, reminding you of your strengths and the progress you have made. She will also help you identify any potential areas for growth and offer suggestions to keep you on track. Additional Guidance and Resources: If there are specific areas of your career journey that require additional guidance or resources, Dr. Taylor will provide tailored recommendations to support your ongoing growth and development. Next Steps and Action Planning: Based on the discussions during the check-in session, Dr. Taylor will help you establish clear next steps and develop an action plan to move forward. By breaking down your goals into manageable tasks, you will have a roadmap to guide your actions and ensure continued progress. All sessions take place via Zoom. .

Cancellation Policy

Clients are required to cancel 24-hours in advance or payment for the session is forfeited. Further details are outlined in the client agreement.

Contact Details

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