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Free Interview Prep -Resume Clients Only

Free Interview Prep Coaching for Resume Clients

  • 15 min
  • Virtual/Online Session

Service Description

Free Interview Prep Coaching for Resume Clients As a valued client who has purchased resume writing services from Dr. Kristy K. Taylor, you are eligible for an exclusive offering: Free Interview Prep Coaching. Dr. Taylor recognizes that a well-crafted resume is only one part of the job search equation and believes in providing comprehensive support to help you succeed. This service is specifically designed to enhance your interview skills and increase your confidence when pursuing your dream job. Here's what you can expect from the Free Interview Prep Coaching: 1. 15-20 Minute Coaching Session: As a resume client of Dr. Taylor, you will receive a complimentary coaching session dedicated to interview preparation. During this session, Dr. Taylor will provide focused guidance and support to help you excel in your upcoming interviews. The session will be tailored to your specific needs and can cover various aspects of the interview process, such as answering common interview questions, addressing weaknesses, or building confidence. 2. Customized Interview Strategies: Dr. Taylor will work with you to develop customized interview strategies based on your resume and career goals. By leveraging her expertise in career coaching, she will help you align your interview responses with the content of your resume, ensuring a cohesive and compelling narrative that highlights your skills, experiences, and achievements. 3. Mock Interviews and Feedback: To further enhance your interview performance, Dr. Taylor may conduct mock interviews tailored to your target industry or job role. These practice sessions will allow you to refine your answers, improve your delivery, and familiarize yourself with different interview formats. Following each mock interview, you will receive constructive feedback and actionable recommendations from Dr. Taylor, enabling you to make necessary adjustments and improvements. 4. Confidence Building Techniques: Building confidence is key to interview success. Dr. Taylor will share practical techniques and strategies to help you boost your self-assurance, manage interview anxiety, and project a professional and confident demeanor throughout the interview process. By implementing these techniques, you will feel more prepared and poised to handle any interview situation. Sessions are conducted via Zoom.

Cancellation Policy

Clients are required to cancel 24-hours in advance or payment for the session is forfeited. Further details are outlined in the client agreement.

Contact Details

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